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Announcing something hugely exciting: the Movies and Meaning Festival will take place from May 28th-31st, 2015, in Albuquerque, NM. Magical cinema, extraordinary guests, inclusive community, meaningful conversation, beautiful landscape and dance parties! Only 300 spaces will be available for this amazing experience. Get tickets here.


Cinema has been around for over a century, which means there are thousands of magnificent masterpieces that elevate the mind and soul, and also that the art form is just getting started. In a world of infinite content, often dominated by blockbuster superficiality, Movies and Meaning helps you find the best films to watch, talk about, and be inspired by. We recommend three movies each week - one for the multiplex, one at the art house, and one to watch at home.


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Image credit: The Thin Red Line (1998, dir. Terrence Malick) We love it and you can buy it here

Movies and Meaning is a movement of people who believe that the stories we tell shape our lives. We think that the greatest films are those where beautiful form and content meet to tell us something real about ourselves. We host opportunities to watch movies in magnificent environments. We provide a platform for artists to share their work with a supportive community. And we create spaces to explore how to tell better stories and step into a more beautiful, less violent world. 


Part of the growing global movement for nonviolent transformation, Movies and Meaning: A Dream Space is a long weekend away in one of the most beautiful regions in America, featuring films, workshops, very special speakers, dancing, magic, and youLearn more.


Our free newsletter offers recommendations of films that we feel contribute to a more beautiful world. It's published 3-4 times per month and emailed directly to our subscribers, who include some of the most discerning film viewers around the world.

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